CSX Plymouth Subdivision in H0 Scale
Can be seen in print in Great Model Railroads 2013

Filmed by jjgravy



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Train Q516 goes north over the Plymouth Diamond after going under I-69 on it's way to it's destination Saginaw Michigan. CSX local D709 switches the Reichelderfer & Graham Lumber Company, a small local lumber yard that specializes in customer service and quick delivery to the job site.  In addition to providing lumber for local home builders, many local model layouts have been built from lumber here.  Special note the real Reicheldfer & Graham is located down here in Ohio.  The layout is not modeled 100 percent accurate, it was built to fit our modeling and car forwarding needs. The Livonia Industrial area is switched by RailAmerica's shortline railroad MidMichigan Railroad.  Here is a barrowed locomotive from another RailAmerica property the Indiana & Ohio Railway setting out front of the office while the crew gets beans.  Ten industries are served by the MidMichigan and provides enough work for one person all night. A major industry in my Brighton Michigan is Owen's Corning.  The plant is a manufacture of roofing shingles, and gives the railroad a variety of traffic.  It was important to me to make my industries big enough to look appropriate for the amount of traffic it sees.  The main building was built from 2 Walther's kits by my friend Howard Clark. The Maybury River is a major river crossing on my Plymouth Sub., and a favorite place for local fisherman and canoer's. Using techniques from nationally known modeler Lance Mindheim I made the muddy river banks and used Magic Water for the water. We are in the Brighton Ford Motor Plant's Transmission and Drive Train Dock.  Workers are unloading trainmissions and drivetrain parts fom the railcars.  The railroad serves two more tracks at the plant the Engine Dock, and Body Panel Dock. CSX Train Q328 crosses the Maybury River on it's way to it's destination of Detroit. The center of the Plymouth Michigan operations is "JY" tower.  A former telegragh office,  is were crews, support staff, and local management work from.  The building is situated at the diamond with the north- south Saginaw Subdivision. The Anderson's Elevator at Plymouth is a major facility,trainloads of grain leave here yearly.  Scratch built from PVC pipe and sheet styrene, by my friend Howard Clark it's something to see.

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